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Tim Hortons presents Movies Under the Stars

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You know, I have to say that I absolutely love summer...the hot sunny days, the warm balmy nights; it’s great! But for those of you that may be trying to entertain kids on a budget, sometimes it can be challenging to fend off another course of the “I’m BOOOORRRREEED” blues!
Well, get ready for some relief! Every Thursday night from July 12 through August 16, Tim Hortons presents Movies Under the Stars. This outdoor movie series is open to everyone and the best part? It’s free!
Thursday, July 12 – Puss in Boots at Nelson Park

If you love Antonio Banderas’ interpretation of Puss in Boots in the 4 Shrek movies, you will love his starring role in Puss in Boots. In the same style of Shrek, traditional fairy tales and characters are given a unique spin for an adventure the whole family will love. And to prove you’re never too old for cartoons or fairy tales, this is one of my husband’s favourite movies.

Thursday, July 19 – Big Miracle at Kiwanis Park
Due to the rain, this movie is cancelled tonight. It will be shown on Thursday, August 23 at Mohawk Park

While I haven’t seen this movie myself, I am looking forward to taking my family to see Big Miracle. Based on a true story from 1988, a reporter (played by John Krasinski, who you may know from The Office) and an environmental volunteer (played by Drew Barrymore), band together to free 3 whales trapped beneath the ice in the Arctic Circle. This has been touted to be a feel good movie, that’s great family entertainment, especially for older kids.
Thursday, July 26 – The Muppets at Optimist Park

The Muppets are back on the big screen after a 12 year hiatus. A star studded cast (Jason Segel, who you may know from How I Met Your Mother), Amy Adams, and Jack Black, try to help Kermit the Frog reunite with his Muppets friends. They must raise $10 million to save their old theatre from Tex Richman (played by Chris Cooper) who wants to demolish the theatre to drill for oil. A great family movie, this is one to see if you loved the Muppets as a child or are a newer Muppet fan. True to the tradition of the Muppets, be sure to watch for tons of cameos with stars playing themselves!
Thursday, August 2 – Toy Story 3 at Emerson Park

In my opinion, Toy Story 3 is definitely an example of 3 times’s a charm. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the Toy Story movies (and can probably quote more lines from each one than a grown up should be able to...) but Toy Story 3 is one of my favourites. In fact, it’s a favourite with everyone at our house! All your favourite characters, Woody, Buzz, and the gang are back for another adventure. This time, Andy is all grown up and getting ready to go to college. His toys are supposed to be stored in the attic, but instead end up at Sunnyside Daycare for an adventure they’ll never forget. This is a great movie for all ages with adventure, excitement and the voice talents of Michael Keaton and Timothy Dalton joining Tim Allen and another favourite of mine, Tom Hanks.
Thursday, August 9 – The Lorax at Lowville Park

I plan to make the drive up to Lowville Park to catch The Lorax, again. I took my kids to see this over the winter holidays when it was in theatres and absolutely loved it. True to Dr. Seuss, it has fun, original characters, and a lesson to be learned. Even though the movie is based on the 1972 book, the environmental message still rings true today. Great voice talent (Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Danny Devito, and Betty White to name only a few) make this a fun movie for all!
Thursday, August 16 – We Bought A Zoo at Burloak Park

We Bought A Zoo is the holiday smash brought to life by director/writer/producer Cameron Crowe (Jerry McGuire). Inspired by a true story, Matt Damon plays a recently widowed dad, Benjamin Mee, who buys a rundown zoo in an attempt to make a fresh start with his family. Scarlett Johansson and Thomas Haden Church round out the cast as the head zoo keeper and Mee’s brother respectively. This is a great story that both adults and older children will love. Some say that the animal ‘actors’ outshine the human talent in this comedy-drama file. Because this movie deals with grief, and how it affects Mee’s children as well (aged 7 & 14), it is best suited to children aged 7 and up.
Be sure to grab a chair and a blanket and check the web site or call the Burlington Events hotline at 905-335-7766 for information before heading out to any of these movies. They are weather dependant so will be cancelled in case of rain. A rain date is planned for August 23rd at Mohawk Park to show the movie that got rained out.
See you at the Movies Under the Stars!

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  1. Due to the rain, Big Miracle at Kiwanis park tonight (July 19) is cancelled . It will be shown instead on Thursday, August 23 at Mohawk Park